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The Battle in Your Mind

The battle of what you may be dealing with starts in your mind. If you want to change your life or the way you are living focus on changing your mind. Stop thinking I’m an addict, I`m hurt and broken, I’m a failure, I`m a bad parent, I`m broke, I`m homeless. You are not those things. Start saying I`m not going to be controlled by this addiction and I can shake this habit. I failed in my life, but today is a new day and I refuse to keep failing. I’m important and even though I have been hurt in my life, I will be loved and I will be able to love again. My kids love me, I will be a good parent, and I will be able to give my kids the love they deserve. I will find a job and my dollar will stretch so I will not have to live paycheck to paycheck. I will have a place to call home and it will be mine. This process is called “Renewing your Mind”. Think positive things and you will have positive results.

The second part of changing your life and the way you are living is what I call “Change your Diet”. I’m not talking about how or what you eat. I’m talking about the people around you, the places you go. I like this saying. If you want to see how your future will be, look at the people around you. I look at people that are wealthy they surround themselves with other wealthy people. If I tell my mind I’m changing and still surround myself with people that are doing the things I’m trying change, then I am only fooling myself. When you start winning the battle in your mind, you will see how the changes in your life start to unfold.


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