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Peer Recovery Teen Program

Teen study group

The ZHLC Teen Peer Support Program is a substance use education class geared for children ages 12-17.  This twelve-hour program offers education on substance use disorder, the effects of substance use, and how to make healthy choices.  This program is facilitated by a peer recovery coach.

Course Agenda

  1. Week One (3 hours) – Substance Use Disorder

    1. Define what is substance use disorder

    2. Progression of substance use

    3. How to make changes

    4. Peer Support Meeting (1 hour)

  2. Week Two (3 hours) – Effects of Substance Use

    1. Legal

    2. Personal life

    3. How drugs work in the brain

    4. Peer Support Meeting (1 hour)

  3. Week Three (3 hours) – Drug Classifications and Long-Term Effects

    1. Drug Classifications

    2. HIV/AIDS

    3. Hepatitis A, B, and C

    4. Peer Support Meeting (1 hour)

  4. Week Four (3 hours) – Making Healthy Choices

    1. Activities

    2. Healthy coping skills

    3. Resiliency/empowerment/character building

    4. People

    5. Places

    6. Peer Support Meeting (1 hour)

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