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Peer Recovery Teen Program

Teen study group

The ZHLC Teen Peer Support Program is a substance use education class geared for children ages 13-19.  This eight week program offers education on substance use disorder, the effects of substance use, and how to make healthy choices.  This program is a collaboration between Zero Hour Life Center and Freedom Springs High School.

Pathway to Recovery Teen Support Group

What:  Education and Connection


  • Teens ages 13-19

  • Recovery Allies

  • Individuals in Recovery

  • Family Members in Recovery

One on one peer support and group connection opportunities available!

Step 1:  Teen and Caregiver meet with ZHLC Team Member

Step 2:  Teen will be assigned a Peer Support Specialist to meet with for 6 sessions. 

  • Focus on identifying strengths and goals.

Step 3:  Teen will be invited to attend the next 8 week Teen Support Group available.

  • Focus on education and connection.

Step 4: Teen and Caregiver will meet with ZHLC Team Member to determine support moving forward.

Program Schedule

Week 1:  Getting to know each other, Expectations, Confidentiality, Pre-Assessments

Week 2:  Substance Use and Recovery Terminology

Week 3:  Pros and Cons of Use, Wheel of Benefits of Wellness and Recovery

Week 4:  Shame and Stigma

Week 5:  Recovery Capital

Week 6:  Pathways to Recovery

Week 7:  Pathways to Recovery Continued

Week 8:  Make-Up and Post Assessment

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