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Coach Rob’s Five Principles to Renew Your Life

Renew your mind

  • Positive thoughts equal Positive outcomes. The change has to begin within you and everything else will follow.

Change your life diet? (People, Place, Things)

  • This requires you to change the things in your life that brought negative results to you. if there a person in your life, i.e. friend, sibling, parent, boyfriend, or girlfriend that is causing more harm than good to your situation then separate yourself from them until you have gained control or defeated your situation. Negative people equals Negative results

Find your purpose in life?

  • We were all blessed with a gift for something we are great at. If that’s singing, poetry, building or designing things then do those things. It will bring you comfort and ease and in turn bring a positive result in your life. Remember this, you are important so think it, know it, and feel it.

Set goals (Short & long term)

  • This can be discouraging but you have to have something to put your focus toward and something to give you motivation to gain victory of your situation. Three things will help you is TRUST, FAITH, BELIEVE. Trust in yourself, believe in yourself, and have faith in your higher power.

Stay in the battle and fight

  • Things will happen to set you back or try to bring you down. Stand, fight, and stay on course. DO NOT GIVE UP! Find a positive person you can call for encouragement or motivation. When you feel like giving up, just look back at how far you have come. A good day in your situation is a positive result. I like to say “I`m better than yesterday”

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