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Direct Recovery Support

Employee Assistance Programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Very few offer targeted support to employees with substance use disorders.  Zero Hour Life Center is pleased to offer Direct Recovery Support (DRS) to companies and their employees. 


DRS focuses on assisting an employee by providing information and access to resources, including medication assited treatment (MAT), outpatient counseling, peer recovery coaching, and peer recovery support meetings.  The DRS program is a unique and powerful tool that companies can use to improve the lives of their employees and employee’s families, while increasing employee retention and decreasing liability.

DRS is a confidential workplace based service that helps your employees and their immediate family members address challenges with substance use disorders.  In contrast to traditional employee assistance programs, our DRS program is specifically designed to help your employees by using best practices and evidence based approaches to managing substance use disorders, individual well-being, and providing peer recovery support.

Employees can contact a DRS Recovery Specialist 24 hours a day by calling (000)000-0000

Program Benefits

  • Provide information and access to care for substance use disorders includeing medication assited treatment (MAT)


  • Provide peer recovery support to strengthen the social supports available to workers in recovery


  • Promote a work culture that is inclusive of workers in recovery, i.e., stigma reduction, education and awareness


  • Provide training to all supervisors and employees on the impacts of substance use disorder in the workplace and the Direct Recovery Support program


  • Improve workplace performance, increae employee retention, reduce employee absenteeism and turnover.


  • Employees and their immediate family members receive up to six consultations per individual, per year

Services Available

  • Assessment

  • Referral

  • Peer Recovery Coaching

  • Peer Recovery Support Meetings

  • Outpatient Counseling

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