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The First Principle ~ Renew Your Mind

The First Principle ~ Renew Your Mind

Renewing your mind is an on-going process. Once you get your mind in a place of positivity, you have to keep exercising the brain.

When I decided that I wanted to change my life, the first thing I did was to take all of my negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. What helped me in the beginning of this process was to read. I started reading books, all types of books, but my favorite topic was the inspirational books. I did not watch television much anymore. I kept feeding my mind with positive things. Now every time a negative thought comes, and they still do, I replace it with positive thinking. For me, this is my process. When I first decided to change my way of thinking and renew my mind, this did not come easy. I had to work hard to replace the negative thoughts. Now, my mind automatically begins to replace the negativity with good and positive things.

The mind is like a hard drive. If you don’t clean your hard drive, it gets filled with junk, unused and unnecessary garbage. This is just like your mind. I you don’t clean out your mind and get rid of the garbage, it gets cluttered with junk. I know some people think that renewing your mind is a difficult thing but it is not. After a while if you keep putting positive thoughts in your mind it will override the negative and reprogram your brain.

If I don’t keep renewing my mind and make it a daily process then any negative situation, or conversation, or negative person will put my mind back in that place of negative thoughts. Renewing my mind was the most important thing in my situation and I knew if I could get my mind in a new place then everything else would follow.


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