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My Journey

The Journey Principles
By Stephen Scoggins

The first step in developing a proper support team has nothing to do with choosing the right friends. Before you can trust the opinion and feedback from those closest to you, you must first know yourself.

Talk: Open healthy lines of communication and share your heart. Your transparency will motivate others to be open as well and trust will grow. Your relationships will deepen. The only words of caution are this, it’s important to share things with someone who is an encourager, not a detractor. It has worked best for me to get around the heart. For me, this means finding someone I trust to lead me where I want to go because they have already been there and overcame. Once you have found this solid accountability partner, open up! It’s very important to make sure the person you are following is in front of you and not one missionary friendship where two hurt people are trying to fix each other. Healing is too important to us as a people.

What the this step meant to me personally, is the importance of being honest with myself was vitally important to my own well-being. Being able to discern which relationships were healthy from the ones that were unhealthy helped me to weed through the mud that was dragging me down. I was able to remove the detractors from my life and focus on the positive relationships, this in turn helped me to truly trust those around me and open up my mind and heart to my true feelings.

My future is determined by the people I surround myself with.


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