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Robert Cooper


President, Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

CCAR Authorized Recovery Coach



My Story

Robert is a military veteran.  He honorably served ten years in the United States Marine Corps.  From 2008 through 2015, Robert worked various positions, including management in the food service and restaurant business.  In 2016, Robert went through a very difficult time personally.  He realized that he not only needed but also wanted to change his life for the better.  Knowing he could not achieve recovery on his own, he sought help from his family.  Robert knew he had to rebuild his relationship with God first.  As he worked through this process, he realized that there are others who like him, needed help, support, and guidance without judgement.  From this, Zero Hour Life Center was born.  

Robert is a CCAR Authorized Recovery Coach




Langley Health Services

Board Member

Floridians For Recovery

Advisory Council

Ora Clubhouse

Board Member

NamI Ocala

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