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Care Coordinator 

Part Time Position


The Care Coordinator assists individuals who are not effectively connected with the services and supports they need to transition successfully from higher levels of care to effective community-based care. This includes services and supports that affect a person’s overall well-being, such as primary physical health care, housing, and social connectedness. Care Coordination serves as a single point of accountability for the coordination of an individual’s care with all involved parties.  Care Coordination connects systems including behavioral health, primary care, peer and natural supports, housing, education, vocation, and the justice systems. It is time-limited, with a heavy concentration on educating and empowering the person served and provides a single point of contact until a person is adequately connected to the care that meets their needs.

The Care Coordinator meets with individuals in their current setting, i.e., crisis stabilization unit, detoxification unit, homeless shelter, addiction receiving facility, or another place of the individual’s choosing.  Client’s are not expected to come to the care coordinator.


The Care Coordinator works under the supervision of the Administrative Director, may be given specific instructions on new assignments, but ordinarily exercises discretion and independent judgement as it pertains to each case.  Work is reviewed through observation of results obtained, evaluation reports, conference calls and meetings.


  • Improve transitions from acute and restrictive to less restrictive community-based levels of care

  • Increase diversions from state mental health treatment facility admissions

  • Decrease avoidable hospitalizations, inpatient care, incarcerations, and homelessness; and

  • Focus on an individual’s wellness and community integration

  • Develop a care plan with the participation of the individual

  • Provide frequent contact for the first 30 days of services, ranging from daily to a minimum of three times per week

  • Provide 24/7 on-call availability

  • Coordinate care across systems to include behavioral and primary health care as well as other services and supports that impact the social determinants of health

  • Shift from an acute care model of care to a recovery model; and

  • Offer an array of services and supports to meet an individual’s chosen pathway to recovery

  • Assess the individual for eligibility of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Veteran’s Administration benefits, housing benefits, and public benefits, and assist them in obtaining eligible benefits.

  • Develop partnerships and agreements with community partners to leverage resources and share data



Adults with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders who demonstrate high utilization of acute care services, including crisis stabilization, inpatient, and inpatient detoxification services.


Must have a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in human services

Must have a minimum of one (1) year experience in human services work



Must be able to pass a Level II Background Screening

Must have valid FL driver’s license and current automobile insurance

Experience using Microsoft Word & Excel



20-25 Hours per week

$12.00 - $14.00 per hour depending on experience

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